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     August and September New Confections
   Raspberry Rosewater Truffle 
Macadamia Butter/Plum Leather Bonbon
Rhubarb Jam Bonbon


The confction for August added rosewater to our delicious old favorite raspberrry truffle resulting in lovely, delicate flavor combinations. The decoration is a bit of freexe dried raspberry and edible rose petal. The September confection is cup of macadamia nut butter with a disk of plum leather made from the Santa Rosa plums that abound in West Oakland including my backyard. The shell on each is 70% cacao from Bachelors Hall Estates, Jamaica.

                                                                         oak_chocolate/rasprosewater.jpg                      oak_chocolate/macadamiaplum.jpg
 If you have a sweetheart who likes hot chocolate, you might consider our lovely gift box of 8 70% cacao hearts made with Bachelors Hall cocoa beans. Just drop one in a cup of heating liquid of choice and stir well until completely melted. Pour into your favorite mug (add whipped cream to be even more decadent) and enjoy! 

My favorite Bar is the 2 oz. 70% with nibs - so good. The chocolate is from Bachelors Hall, Jamaica.
Another of our 2 oz bars is unusual bar and flavorful - nutty with a slight taste of coffe - our Bay Nut Bar made with personally foraged and processed Bay Nuts from the East Bay hills. The chocolate is 70% cacao from Bachelors Hall, Jamaica.