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Our Vision

The Oakland Chocolate Company provides high quality, delicious chocolates while also serving as a model, worker-owned cooperative whose farmer members in the Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica, are linked to the candy makers in Oakland.

The farmers are planting new cocoa trees and working toward an organic product, that will be fairly traded.

We aspire to help Jamaican small farmers form a cooperative to build a new organic fermentary with a green energy drying facility and market their cocoa beans to other chocolate companies as well as providing beans for the fine chocolate collection of our own company.


Our Team
In California:
Oakland: Nancy Nadel, chocolatier, chocolate maker and Manager


In Jamaica:


St. Mary farmers and leader from ACD/VOCA (farmers Lloyd Scott and Ean Johnson, seated in blue shirt and white shirt, are our old friends)





Kingston: Dr. Dwight E. Robinson, advisor,
Prof. UWI, Integrated Pest Management and Principal, JamOrganix